Love the drama that comes with reality TV? Here are few you must watch if you haven’t already.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be a monumental, yet, stressful trial. Fortunately, Say Yes to the Dress gives a fortunate couple of some assistance in finding the perfect dress for their special day. The series takes put in New York City’s Kleinfeld Bridal and follows soon-to-brides in the adventure of choosing their dream wedding dress, alongside the assistance of their friends and family. There’s even two Atlanta spinoffs at Bridals by Lori, one of which helps individuals select bridesmaid’s dresses, because those are usually the real disaster.

Dancing with The Stars combines the best of what reality series bring to the table celebrities, strangers getting together, and fierce competition. The idea is simple, take a cluster of celebrities and coordinate them with a professional dancer. So far, Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B, Mario Lopez, Mya, Rob Kardashian, Zendaya, and more have participated in the series. Most of the celebs complete a decent job, yet there have also been a couple of standouts throughout the years, who have either been really bad or really good. DWTS shows us that even the most talented athletes (Ochocino) or popular hip-hop artists (Master P) can have two left feet with regards to the dance floor.


After the success of Real World, BET attempted to copy the same enchantment of the hit reality series with their own show, College Hill. Instead of some randomly chosen 20-something strangers meeting up to live in one house, BET took after the lives of HBCU students who lived in the same house. Similar to Real World, College Hill brought drama, drama, and more drama, in other words, a quintessential college encounter. Shockingly, the series lasted for seven seasons and reruns are rare.

In the event that you thought being rejected by someone you like is bad, take a chance of doing it on national TV. In MTV’s Next, main contestants were set up on introductory outings, while other potential suitors sat tight in a RV for their own particular turn. At any minute, the main contestant could say “next” to end the date. It was profoundly embarrassing for the suitor, yet it didn’t come without benefits. The person who got “nexted” got $1 for every moment the date lasted for. So, while a good date may leave you with $60, a bad date may send you home with $1.

First of all, on the off chance that you’ve never seen an episode of Wife Swap, you’re in for a treat. Second of all, Wife Swap would never occur in the present political climate. In the show, two vastly unique families swapped wives for two weeks. In the first seven day stretch of the show, the wife needed to adapt to the family’s lifestyle. In the second seven day stretch of the show, she was permitted to implement her own rules and habits into the household. Toward the end, the couples included got together to discuss their experiences, which usually resulted in drama and sometimes in violence.

Another enduring reality TV banger, Hell’s Kitchen features celebrity chef and known bad mouthed Gordon Ramsay overseeing two teams of chefs competing for the job as head chef of a restaurant. It’s super entertaining, especially when contrasted with the adorable clips of Ramsay managing kids on MasterChef Junior.