In this era of TV series, we are seeing fantastic series coming from everywhere. Breaking Bad being the most critically acclaimed TV series of all time along with Hannibal coming up. Then there is the tv show that is making people jump up and down a lot, like Stranger Things and Narcos. But then there is Game of Thrones. There is no show quite like this. This one makes the people speculate and makes fan theories as well. A partial adaptation of the famous books written by George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones has been absolutely off the chart.

Game Of Thrones

The Emmys:

There are multiple reasons to justify the point that this is indeed the best show around. The one point that stands out is some awards it won. If we take honors as the measure of how good a TV series is, then this show has made it marks for quite some time now. In the Emmy’s of 2016, they won a staggering 12 awards out of 24 nominations; This just goes to show how amazing it is. It is the only TV series that could equal the records with another greatest of all time, Frasier. If it were not the best, then it wouldn’t have won this many awards, right? It is just not the fans but also the industry that agrees that this is the best TV series that gets telecasted at the moment.

Game Of Thrones:

When you take ratings into account, then you are a fool because ratings do not tell the full story. You have to look into how many people view one show. This particular one has a staggering 23 million viewers. That is just the person who watches the shows. If you go to Youtube and search for Game of Thrones, then I assure you that some fan theories and speculations there are about this series are magnanimous. People do not get bored of the things that they talk. With the people constantly being on the edge of their seats, Game of Thrones has apparently made the people mad about their show. With all the suspense that is in this series, people always try to watch the episode as soon as they released to avoid spoilers because if one spoiler is given out then the whole plot is ultimately at stake.

You can never stick to liking one character in this series. There is no good guy versus bad guy situation here. It is the politics and the wars to keep the thrones that matter on the show. It is very thought provoking and will continually challenge you to predict what will happen. If you stick to one character and believe that he/she will be the real hero, then you are wrong. Game of Thrones tends to kill off the characters at a moment that you least expect; This makes it even more entertaining.

So, with all these points if you are not convinced that Game of Thrones is the best TV series at the moment then I don’t know what will!