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The defining leader in the streaming media market is Netflix, a company that continues to make killer deals not only with programming partners but also working with those to provide better accessibility—and it just landed a huge partner through Comcast, they announced Tuesday.

The streaming channel declared a truce with the cable giant, and as a result will be included as part of the Xfinity X1 module, where consumers can choose from programming straight through their Comcast-enabled device.

Comcast Technology Solutions is proud to collaborate with some of the most recognizable and innovative brands in the industry. The goal: to help our customers maintain focus on what matters most – a high-quality, differentiated audience experience. Together with our Technology and Channel partnerships, solutions are designed and built upon a foundation of trust, imagination, and groundbreaking technology.

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TV Shows before 1989

TV Shows before 1989

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TV Channels on Netflix and Roku:

TV Channels on Netflix and Roku:

NetFlix: Netflix is an American entertainment establishment specifying in an online on-demand streaming movie, as well as a DVD service in the U.S. Originated in Scotts Valley, California in 1997. It functions as an Internet subscription service company, which...

Top TV Shows of 2017

Top TV Shows of 2017

Introduction: According to me TV series nowadays are more entertaining than movies. The amount of stories and twists that get portrayed in TV shows is much more than any movies that we see. Not saying that movies aren't real but most of the movies that are released...

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