We have moved on from a world where we used to wait each week for a new episode of our favourite TV show to binge-watching the whole series in a matter of days. If you’re one of those people who end up watching at least three episodes of a particular show every day, then that puts you in the most common category of TV show watchers. TV shows have always played second fiddle to the much more glamorous silver screen. But these days TV shows are much better written and much more profitable than most feature films; the major reason being the growing appetite for great TV shows and the improved global accessibility of service providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So is the more to this spree watching phenomenon or is it just down to the fact that all the episodes are now available at the time of release? The answer is a little more complex than what most people would suggest. In all honesty, we believe that the reason for binge-watching to become so popular is down to a mix of factors that go hand-in-hand with the availability of all the episodes up on release.


  1. Relaxation

A recent survey showed that people feel a general sense of calm when they are sitting in front of their laptop screens or their TVs. This sense of relaxation and calmness allows people to indulge in longer watching periods and thus enhance the binging phenomenon. People these days don’t want to beat the traffic to go watch a movie at the theatre, they want entertainment to be accessible right at the comfort of their homes.

  1. Continuity

Previously shows used to be aired once every week. In such a system, the writers had a much more difficult job of maintaining continuity. Continuity issues have plagued many great series, but with the rise of complete shows being released now; people have access to all the episodes and have the ability to revisit a previous episode by simply clicking the back button and choosing the episode.

  1. Screenplay & Direction

Some of the shows that are released in bulk include the House of Cards, Stranger Things, Mr Robot, etc. The one thing common to these diverse shows is the fact that all these shows have a strong story coupled with great production and a stellar cast. Completed series shows should be looked at as a book with a new book set to be released in the near future. Gone are the days where people would complain about how misdirected the whole show is. Because now directors and producers have the creative freedom to create a complete show instead of having to rely on viewer metrics to influence writing.