All of love to watch TV shows and we always have our top 5 favourite picks, and we always make sure that they are the best TV shows that are watched and enjoyed globally. However, the list of the best shows changes from one person to the other person because we feel that likes are subjective in nature and one likes might not interest the other. However, it is now our turn to rank, and we feel that the best 5 that we pick will unanimously be loved by every single person. So here we go.


We have included cartoons, and that is because 90’s is one of the best periods for cartoons and people irrespective of their age loved watching it, and that is why we always have Simpsons on the best that is doing at its best in the recent times. Simpsons is the story of a family that lives in a fictional city leading a middle-class life, and the story narrates the life of all middle-class people and the things that they have to go through as a part of their life beautifully.

Breaking Bad:

Breaking bad is again an American television series that is loved and adored globally. What if you could see a series every day and still feel like watching a fresh film for a couple of hours? That is how breaking Bad makes you feel. It is one of the highly rated television series that is watched by a lot of people across the globe. The story surrounds the duo, a school teacher and his former students, who have their reasons to involve in crime. It is one of the best TV shows recently.

Game of Thrones:


I need not have to tell you the craze and the fan-following that this particular series has. Games of Thrones has crossed many seasons, and these people watch it meticulously without asking reasons. Games of Thrones, as the name states, is a historical drama that pictures that fight between people of a family for the throne and as we know, you will have to fight for it to win it, and the most deserving person gets to own the throne.


Friends is one of the oldest TV shows that all of us must have watched. It created a lot of hype when it was launched and to be honest, and it lived up to the hype it created. It aired for the first time for almost 10 years and came to an end in the year 2004. Now again it is aired, and we need not have to say how much people will love it.

Star Trek

Yet again a fiction that people loved to the core. Star Trek is an American science fiction series that was first aired in the year 1966. Though the period was too early for science fiction as this, the flawlessly carried-forward the story with a lot of great incorporations and stirred a lot of facts about space and history.