A good TV show or sitcom is that entertainment source which keeps your mind healthy and relaxed after a great deal of tension and slugging around every day.  Our favourite TV show is that one thing we look forward to when we come back after a tiring day at work.  TV shows could be that one thing which help people switch off the worries of daily life and rejoice, either by looking at the great life or problems of another character or set of characters. Often times, we find things which are incredibly common with situations that we face in our daily life and that helps us relate better to these characters and shows. The intent of saying all this is to acknowledge that all of us have felt a great connection with TV shows on more than one occasion and here’s the top 5 shows, in no particular order, which kept fans swooning.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one such show which had incredible fan base with gets reflected even today after 5 years of it getting off the air.  Any rerun of the episodes gets a lot more views then some of the currently running TV shows.  This was one such series which captured the essence of chemistry, drug dealing and blurring the lines of a bad boy and nerd. The show had incredibly well written characters which had a lot of depth as well as the main character who very well was termed a very “complex” man.


The Simpsons

This is one such TV show which has run for over a period of three decades, making it the longest running animated sitcom. The show was highly inappropriate to watch with the family and the main target audience were teenagers and young adults. It is safe to say that this type of adult comedy was highly appropriated and entertaining back in the day and people still enjoy a few older episodes every once in a while.


Friends is one such TV show which will always remain in the hearts of its fans. There are people who fell so much in love with this particular TV series that they started comparing themselves and their group of acquaintances with the characters of the show. They were able to do so because these characters didn’t feel unreal at all.


A conversation about classic comedy could never leave behind Seinfeld.  Jerry Seinfeld may very well be called the greatest comedian of all time which only translated to the TV show where the absurdities of daily life were dealt by him and his friends. Seinfeld should be called a celebration of sheer comedy and humour which was incredibly fun to watch.


Sherlock is a TV show which is much newer than the other mentioned shows in the list. A modern interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, sees Sherlock and Watson take on mysteries in the modern world.