According to me TV series nowadays are more entertaining than movies. The amount of stories and twists that get portrayed in TV shows is much more than any movies that we see. Not saying that movies aren’t real but most of the movies that are released nowadays cannot keep up with the entertainment that a TV show provides us. Anyways, this list will give you the insight of the best TV series of 2017; though we are only half way through to the year, there are some fantastic series that came along and completely blew our mind. So let us begin.

Better Call Saul:

Better Call Saul

The spinoff of the most beloved TV series of all time, Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul does not disappoint the audience one bit. With the arrival of Saul Goodman on TV on the third season of this series, you will not be able to keep your eyes off of this one. Vince Gilligan is doing wonders with his slow building style and is making an absolute work of art; This is surely not the one to miss out.



Fargo is Another fantastic TV series that has made a mark in the audience. This one might not be the best of the three seasons that came out, but it will surely keep you captivated. The anthology which is quite loosely tied does connect to the audience in a very odd way.

American Gods:

American Gods

Neil Gaiman is a genius, and you cannot expect anyone to mimic his work easily; this was a brave attempt and did make its mark among the audience. A weird and captivating story, this series has got it all. You might need to have your vitals checked though because it does get a bit gruesome when it comes to the graphics. Pretty violent and creepy!

Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley

Now let us get into some comedy. Silicon Valley has been my top favorite for some time. This geeky comedy will get you some real quality time. With its third season, this TV series might not have fulfilled all the expectation, but it was good enough to keep me entertained.

The Leftovers:

The Leftovers

Are you Lost fan? Remember the ending? Were you left pissed off? Well, then you need to watch this. The co-writers of Lost made this one, and the finale will make you want to kill yourself; This is an absolute must watch series as you will not be able to get your head around what is going on.

Twin Peaks: The return

Twin Peaks: The return

Twin Peaks: The return is the later version of the previous super hit series Twin Peaks; This is arguably the best till date in this year. You will not be disappointed for a bit. It is a limited event series, so you do not waste your time much. You will be astounded by the events that place on the show and will probably go bonkers.

With all these great ones in this year, there are still more to come. The year’s series market is competitive I must say!